Lake Ways

We just moved to a lakeside home and we want to discover and explore the many ways that we can use our new lake front property

  • Paddle Boats

Check out the best paddle boats that we have found for getting a workout while you tour the lake.

  • Electric Party Boats

An absolute must for party goers who want to cruise the lake during the holiday season.  Our community forbids gas powered boats so our list is limited to electric only.

  • Row Boats

Time to get some exercise while you grab some sun.  Is there room for a fishing pole?

welcome to Lake Ways

Our family is looking to expand from the 5 of us to 7. We want to get 2 lap dogs to cruise around the lake with us. We are searching for either a pomeranian or a papillon. If anyone has a litter on the way we would like to chat with you.

About Us

Our family has the unique characteristic of having the same initials.  Naturally, when we get a pet they also need to get a first name starting with R.  We currently consider ourselves RL5, but we are looking to expand by adding 2 pets to become RL7.

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