Can We Survive the 30 Day Food Challenge?

Stepping off the dock from out boat to our house was the start of our 30 day challenge.  Watch as we eat only the food that is available to the contestants on Season 26 of Survivor.  The food challenges will be for the same food, but different in home or on the lake challenges.

Day 1-3

Rana learns the rules, and finds out that they didn’t have any coffee on episode 1 of season 26

Day 4-6 The Struggle is Real

Lethargic and hungry can the contestants continue?

Day 7-9

Watch as

Video Recap of the Survivor 30 Day Food Challenge

"Rana has never seen the show Survivor so she had no idea what she was getting into"
Ross & Rana Landreth
Crazy Enough to Try a 30 Day Survivor Food Challenge