About us

Welcome to LakeWays.  Join our family as we explore various uses for our lakeside house.  We will test out the latest boats, paddle boats, kayaks, fishing gear etc.  If we find a product that we like we will be sure to tell you about it.  If we find one we hate we will BE SURE to tell you about it. 

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Come meet us up close

Every one of our team members is devoted to finding the most fun way to use our lake.

Rana Landreth

Rana Landreth

CEO of Non Biased Inc.

Ross Landreth

CEO of Medical Valuations, Inc.

testing a zap-it racket

Ray Landreth

Our 10 year old has a passion for Gaming. Will this translate into a love for the LAKE?

Romy and a frozen fishing rod

Romy Landreth

Our 5 year old just caught her first fish on the LAKE!

Rider at LakeWays

Rider Landreth

Lead Dog, wants to get a pomeranian brother.