Zap It Electric Bug Zapping Racket Review

testing a zap-it racket

Zap-It Racket Review Do you hate little flying bugs and mosquitoes?  Give the Zap-It racket a try and enjoy the sparks! Menu: Zap-it Racket Video Review Zap-It Lake Testing Results Zap-It Racket Review Conclusion Sun Dolphin Video Review We had a crazy amount of little bugs flying around our lakeside dock after a huge flood.  […]

Sun Dolphin 5 Seat Pedal Boat

ray and romy landreth in sun dolphin 5 seat boat

Sun Dolphin 5 Seat Pedal Boat Review Pedal boat, paddle boat?  Seriously, call it what you want, but you and up to 2 of your friends will help you propel this boat around a lake with your feet, or hands if they are really young.  This is a workout, there is no free lunch included […]

LakeWays Vlog

Rider at LakeWays

LAKEWAYs VLOG Youtube Here is our Vlog Sun Dolphin First Trip On the Lake Check out our new sun dolphin 5 seat pedal boat. First Day Fishing the Lake On our first day fishing we caught 2 crappies and lost 3 catfish.  We seriously need to upgrade our net… The Best Way to […]