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We aren’t boat sales people we just happen to live along the lake and figured that we could help our community connect.  If you want to list your boat here, contact us and we will shoot a video and post all of the features of the boat on our site.  You pick the sales or rental price and we will help you connect with buyers or renters.  BUT, we aren’t boat dealers so you will be responsible for actually selling or renting it. 

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If you are a resident in the SRCA area you can rent the following boats for free, and the Pontoon boat “Lady Serena” every 2 years.

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Scottsdale Ranch Lake Serena boat count Fall 2020

We bought our Bennington in the Fall of 2019 and it was the second one on the lake at the time.  We decided to update our count of the electric boats on Lake Serena in October of 2020.  Here are the Results:


This includes houses that have multiple parking for full size electric boats

The overwhelmingly favorite electric boat in Scottsdale Ranch.  There are at least a dozen 162TRs that have appeared on the lake in the last 2 years.

Starting at around $37,000 plus shipping makes these the most luxurious option on our lake.

Duffy’s have been declining in popularity as most of the remaining ones on the lake are over 10 years old.

We purchased ours in the Fall of 2019 and there was only one other Benny here at the time.  

These look similar to the Bonington’s but come at a price point a few thousand less.  A year ago there were only a handful here, so their growth is solid.

The other category includes sun trackers and other pontoon boats that appear to be a minimum of 7-10 years old