Zap-It Racket Review

Do you hate little flying bugs and mosquitoes?  Give the Zap-It racket a try and enjoy the sparks!


Sun Dolphin Video Review

We had a crazy amount of little bugs flying around our lakeside dock after a huge flood.  Ray decided to test out the Zap-It Racket.  The results of the carnage that this inflicts on these swarms can be heard throughout the video.

Lake Testing Results

As you can see from the video above the zap-it does a ton of damage to swarms of bugs and mosquitoes.  

testing a zap-it racket

As seen on TV this kills a ton of little bugs and mosquitoes.  It certainly isn’t a permanent solution to swarms of flying creatures, but it is tons of fun and very rewarding to see the sparks fly.  For the price, it is worth having one for the fun of it while you lounge outside.  It offers a nice distraction for the kids and gives them another excuse to get out by the lake.


We purchased it from Amazon.

Yes plenty, i’m willing to bet that many of the other similar products function the same.  At this price it doesn’t really matter if you pick one of the other options.